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Digital printing
Have you tried and failed to find the perfect mosaic or tile for your project? We can help. With photo printing onto ceramic tiles or mosaics, you can have a design that’s unique to you.  All you have to do is provide your own image. As an alternative, our designers will produce an image for you, create a layout and then transfer it to the tile or mosaic.
With a high degree of accuracy, we can reproduce ornaments, abstract designs, plant motifs, landscapes or textures. All in strong, clear, bright colours on tiles of different sizes, mosaics and friezes.

Unlike UV printing, Kotto Ceramica’s digital printing process produces tiles and mosaics that are both durable and long-lasting.  We use ceramic paints that penetrate the glaze and we bake at temperatures above 1050°C. Those two factors give the product several advantages:

  • No loss of colour vibrancy and brightness from exposure to the sun 
  • Resistance to chemicals and weathering
  • Easy to care for
You can provide your own image in good quality, or our designers will select an individual drawing for you, create a layout and transfer it to the tile or mosaic.

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