Dimond cutting - Kotto ceramica

With our diamond-cutting equipment we can offer and do:

– Direct cutting
– Cutting at a 45-degree angle
Cut out and around anti-slip notches in tiles – does that make sense?
– Cut cylindrical plinths

– Cut out electrical socket holes 

– Cut tiles into a mosaic of rectangular and square shapes

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Enter the cube size for the mosaic:

Enter the tile size:


The number of mosaic sheets:


Number of tiles:

Number of mosaics:


Information about parameters

1. Enter valid (exact) length and width values in the tile size input fields.
2. In the field for the number of mosaic sheets, enter the required number of mosaic sheets in pieces.
3. To calculate the mosaic, the standard size of the sheet is accepted - 300x300 mm.

Information about the results

1. The final result includes all waste generated during the cutting process.
2. All the obtained results (with the unit of measurement "pieces") are rounded up to a whole larger value.

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