Mosaici d’Italia - Kotto ceramica

The Mosaici d’Italia collection is perfect for either interior or exterior décor.

You’ll find similar products to ours on the market where the colour is only on the surface. But with our products the colour runs throughout the ceramic, from the top to the bottom. That’s why their visual appearance remains unchanged for decades. Our mosaics don’t lose colour and aren’t vulnerable to temperature changes and moisture, so they’ll keep their stunning looks and wow-factor for years.

This gorgeous Italian collection comprises 19 colours, 7 shapes and a range of textures that mimic natural stone and wood.
Thanks to our ability to offer our customers almost any combination of materials, shapes and colours, choosing a Kotto Ceramica product means you’re getting/buying something as individual as you are

We do not forget the traditions and rich cultural heritage of our ancestors, so we incorporate ethnic motifs into modern design. Just look at this pixel panel made of extruded mosaic, isn’t it a work of art?

Kotto Ceramica products are perfectly combined with each other, allowing us to create unique combinations of materials, shapes and colors.

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